DEG Roadshow 2024 - London | Stockholm | Paris

2024 DEG Roadshow and BASE Screen Forum

On Tues, 30 April 2024, DEGI welcomes the return of the DEG Roadshow!

In London, we will be hosting the 2024 DEG Roadshow & BASE Screen Forum. This event is for anyone in the UK screen category across distribution, platforms, technology enablers, insights, operations, retailers and all innovators in the digital entertainment ecosystem, including BASE & DEGI members.

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2024 DEG Roadshow Paris (23rd April)

The Digital Entertainment Group International (DEGI) welcomes the DEG Roadshow delivered in partnership with the Syndicat de l’Edition Vidéo Numérique (SEVN). This event will bring the transactional VOD industry together with the DEGI, hosting local and international colleagues for a morning of collaboration, fresh category research, insight, and strategic learning. The agenda will include initiatives and ideas to drive growth for studios and platforms, helping assess opportunities across local EST and TVOD markets.

2024 DEG Roadshow and Nordic Digital Entertainment Tradeshow (25th April)

The DEG Nordic Board welcomes the DEG Roadshow for its second attendance in Stockholm, delivered in partnership with the afresh once again Nordic Digital Entertainment Tradeshow. DEG President & CEO – Amy Jo Smith will join a host of US and Nordic colleagues leading a day of global collaboration, fresh category research, insight and strategic learnings to stimulate and drive growth across the international entertainment landscape with a specific spotlight on opportunities across the Nordics EST and TVOD market.