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The Nordic ‘Hitlist’ Celebrates One Year of Digital Home Entertainment, as Local Titles Shine

The ‘Hitlist’ is celebrating its first year of success, after launching across Scandinavia one year ago. And, after revealing the most downloaded and rented films across Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland each week for the last 12 months, the results are in: Scandinavians love homegrown content!

The ‘Hitlist’ is compiled from data gathered across platforms such as Apple TV, Blockbuster, Rakuten TV, SF Anytime and Viaplay Store, representing the vast majority of retailers in these territories.

Local titles have dominated across the last 12 months, as the Hitlist has become the definitive up-to-the-minute guide of what films are trending right now in the homes of Scandinavians.

For Denmark’s Filmitlisten.DK, the hugely successful action-comedy ‘Riders of Justice’ (Retfærdighedens Ryttere) starring Mads Mikkelsen, has spent more than 29 weeks in the top ten, with a record-breaking 12 of them being at number one! Elsewhere the animated ‘Checkered Ninja 2’ (Ternet Ninja 2) and dark thriller ‘The Marco Effect’ (Marco effekten) found huge success across the year, making them the second and third most successful films across the Filmitlisten.

Mikkelsen’s popularity among audiences also reached Sweden, with another lead role, in dark satire and winner of the 2021 Oscar for Best International film, ‘Another Round’ (En runda till), which spent a record 21 weeks in the nation’s Digifilmlistan.SE chart.

Norway saw a title with a local feel reign supreme with the Filmtopplisten.NO chart hosting Roald Dahl’s ‘The Witches’ (Roald Dahls Heksene) for 19 weeks over the past 12 months. Although a British author, Dahl’s Norwegian heritage often inspired his storytelling, cementing his works as staple favourites with Norwegian children. The Oscar-nominated ‘The Worst Person in The Word’ (Verdens verste menneske) and ‘The Burning Sea’ (Nordsjøen) also found success with Norwegian film fans by appearing in the Top 5 throughout the year.

In Finland, the Topleffat.FI saw the latest instalment of the popular comedy franchise ‘Class Reunion 3’ (Luokkakokous 3) in the chart for an unprecedented 20 weeks, highlighting the love and demand for local Finish titles in that market.

Iconic blockbuster franchises such as ‘No Time to Die’, ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ and ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ also did well across Scandinavia, with Nordic audiences enjoying Hollywood at home too.

Over the past year, Scandinavians have demonstrated their love for content, fuelling the continued renaissance of home entertainment we are witnessing across the globe, as households continue to embrace the digital download format, with its ease of use and a vast library of titles. With support from the DEG Nordic Board and major studios including NBCUniversal, Nordisk Film, SF Studios, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company and Warner Bros. Entertainment, the Hitlist is a best-in-class example of studios and retailers collaborating to produce a high-profile local home entertainment success story.

Jesper Dahlgaard, Board member of the DEG Nordics and Nordisk Film, Nordic Director of Digital Sale comments: “We are delighted to celebrate one year of the Hitlist. Working with all members throughout the DEG Nordics to bring this to life every week, and witness its growth and success, has been something all members are extremely proud of. There has been great collaboration across distribution, retail and our media partners to showcase the most exciting movies and celebrate the biggest triumphs every week. This really bolsters our collective efforts to grow the digital market and there is more to come!”

Look out for The Hitlist in the coming weeks and months to know what your neighbours are watching tonight, from the biggest new Hollywood blockbusters fresh from cinemas to the best new local hits.

Catch the Digifilmlistan.SE each week via Sweden’s biggest entertainment site and newspaper Aftonbladet. And, the via Norway’s biggest film streaming guide FilmWeb.

To find out more in full about The Hitlist and watch the full top 10 countdown every week, visit the following websites:

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