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DEGI Entertainment Closeup: Waking Up to the New Streaming (and Economic) Reality, with Ben Keen

On Tuesday 16th January 2024, BASE and DEGI welcomed leading independent entertainment analyst Ben Keen to deliver our first Entertainment Closeup Learning Session of 2024: Waking Up to the New Streaming (and Economic) Reality.

Ben is a key figure in the entertainment industry, and we are grateful to him for sharing his extensive analysis and research at the exclusive member event, where our guests were able to listen, learn, question and debate some big themes and controversial opinions. As Ben said, “I believe we are in a new streaming reality where profitability matters; this new reality marks the end of the ‘Content Arms Race’ and means ‘Peak TV’ has finally peaked!”

The BASE & DEGI Learning Sessions are a unique opportunity for members to explore crucial issues impacting entertainment, providing them with holistic insights, fostering discussion and encouraging industry-wide collaboration. Liz Bales, Chief Executive, BASE said, “Ben’s insights and opinion are expert, rigorous and always spark conversation and debate. With more learning sessions planned across 2024, our commitment to informing and empowering our members will be a central theme across the year.”

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