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SEVN Honors Studios for TVOD Innovations at DEG Roadshow in Paris

  • DEGI and SEVN gathered professionals for the first time in Paris to delve into the TVOD market in France. Seven studios were recognized for their outstanding results in 2023.
  • Platforms and studios jointly celebrated the success of Les VODays and the BoostVOD communication campaign, aimed at showcasing the advantages of TVOD to consumers.
  • The French TVOD market continues to expand, and awareness of the offer has now reached 81%.

Seven studios were rewarded by the Syndicat de l’Edition Vidéo Numérique (SEVN) for their 2023 results during the DEGI Roadshow: Paris.

List of 2024 SEVN Trophies:

The DEG Roadshow: Paris, the inaugural event organised by DEGI in partnership with SEVN, marked the first of its kind in France. It brought together TVOD professionals from across the industry, including studios, platforms, and experts. The high demand for the event led to a room full of 50 attendees and a substantial waiting list. The program included multiple presentations that offered insights into the market, explored new development initiatives, and examined consumer trends within the media industry.

A morning full of lessons for media professionals

A Growing TVOD Market: AQOA highlighted significant growth in the TVOD market for 2023, reaching €252 million, a 3% increase. This marks the second consecutive year of growth following COVID, with the market growing 14% to €246 million in 2022. The outlook for the future remains optimistic, with continued growth anticipated in France in the coming years.

“Les VODays” – A Week of Discovery on VOD: For the third consecutive year, “Les VODays” returned, offering a week-long event where films could be rented or purchased at reduced prices, facilitated by several studios and DEGI. The initiative was supported by a media recruitment campaign introducing special rates starting at €1.99 in 2024. The event demonstrated a significant interest in purchasing films via VOD, highlighted by a vast catalogue and a minimum weekly sales increase of over 400%.

“BoostVOD” – A Landmark Initiative in 2023: This year, 11 studios came together in a powerful collaboration to articulate the unique benefits of purchasing and renting films on VOD while adhering to media chronology guidelines. Thirty-five films were organised into nine promotional waves to spotlight their availability on platforms a few months post-cinema releases without requiring a subscription or dealing with ads. This extensive campaign, a testament to the strength of unity, received robust support from the platforms. Additionally, the “DO THE RIGHT FILMS” study revealed strong TVOD awareness at 81%, an improved understanding among consumers at 53%, though confusion with SVOD persists, affecting up to 29% of consumers.


VOD Development Continues into 2024: Building on the success of the inaugural DEGI event, industry professionals are keen to extend these initiatives and amplify their efforts to expand the market for films available on VOD for purchase and rental. Future communications will enhance home entertainment releases by including movies of diverse genres and nationalities. Studios will continue to reduce the confusion between TVOD (transactional video on demand) and subscription services, striving to further clarify distinctions and advantages. A new consumer study is scheduled for 2024 to assess the impact of these actions in anticipation of potentially hosting another edition of the DEGI Roadshow: Paris in 2025.

Yves Elalouf, Président at Syndicat de l’Edition Vidéo Numérique (SEVN) said: “I am delighted that the DEGI Roadshow took place in Paris in partnership with SEVN. It brought together VOD players to share initiatives to develop the supply of films for purchase and rental. Studios were also rewarded for their actions to support the growth of the French market with platforms.”

Liz Bales, Chief Executive at DEGI: The Digital Entertainment Group International added: “I was thrilled to be in Paris alongside many colleagues and partners for the event, demonstrating both the opportunity and optimism for the VOD segment. This provided a perfect framework for collaboration across studios and retailers, SEVN, and DEGI as we evolved a shared objective for sector growth. We thank everyone for joining us and look forward to continuing the conversation in 2024 and beyond.” 

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